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Learn to Hunt: The Eberhart Way

Chris Eberhart’s Scouting Service and Bowhunting Instruction

Learn to hunt The Eberhart WayThe key to regular success hunting mature pressured bucks is scouting, preparation, and planning.  It has taken the Eberhart family decades of intense bowhunting to develop a unique and highly successful hunting style, and I would like to share it with you. You can learn much of our system through our books and videos, but nothing comes close to hands on training in the field. Why spend several thousand dollars on a short guided hunt when you can spend a fraction of that and learn bowhunting secrets that will lead you to hunting success on mature bucks anywhere? Invest in yourself, and learn what even the guides don’t know.

Unlike other “expert” whitetail hunters out there who charge you to visit their hot spots to look at their stands on micro managed exclusive property, often showing you how to hunt out of fifteen foot ladder stands, I will put our reputation on the line and help you make the most out of your hunting area. You have your food plots and trail cameras, now what? Land management is good, but you still have to know how to hunt to be successful. I will help you cut your hunting learning curve by years, perhaps decades.

In a single day I will scout your property by your side and start you on the path to regular success on mature whitetails.

-learn how to interpret topo-maps

-learn by analyzing your own hunting locations what your own strengths and weaknesses are

-learn to interpret relevant sign and buck behavior on your property

- select the premier stand locations on your property

-learn how to correctly hunt out of the most versatile and mobile hunting system available

-learn to hunt primary scrape areas successfully

-learn to hunt staging areas successfully

-learn how hunt travel routes and transition zones

-learn how to hunt bedding areas

-learn to properly prep your hunting sites

-learn how to develop a tactical hunting rotation that incorporates all portions of the season, modified to fit your hunting property

                Tactics and approach for the first two days of season

                Tactics and approach for mid October

                Tactics and approach for the pre-rut

                Tactics and approach for the rut

                Tactics and approach for the post-rut

                Tactics and approach for winter hunting

Scout with Chris Eberhart-learn how to properly time both your scouting and hunting for maximized success

-learn the specifics of advanced scent control

-learn the importance and how-to of well planned entry and exit routes

-learn how small land management modifications to your property can increase your success potential dramatically

-learn deer behavior that makes all land management decisions simple, and see through the smoke and mirror show put on by the ultimate land manipulator

-learn how to funnel deer, without having to own a bulldozer

-learn how to be successful on short term hunts anywhere

-and much more, at your pace, at your place!


This is the most complete intensive bowhunting learning situation offered. Others make promises, I deliver!


Price:  $600 for a full day, up to eight hours of bowhunting instruction and scouting (the amount of land covered will vary by relative terrain features)

Additional costs: travel expenses

Dates:  By individual appointment year round

Location:  Your hunting property

Contact and Information:  Get in touch here. Feel free to send me any questions you might have regarding scope and cost of smaller or larger scouting or hunting prep situations. Let’s talk.  




4 Responses to Spring Scouting with Chris Eberhart

  • Ryan Mead
    February 19, 2013

    Chris I would be interested in having you come out to my property..is it possible to scout multiple smaller properties in a day? I have access to three different parcels all within ten miles of eachother the largest and my main focus is my familys 72 acres the other two are small ten acre parcels?

    • admin
      February 20, 2013

      Hi Ryan, yes scouting multiple small properties is certainly possible, and mostly how I hunt myself. Shoot me mail and we can discuss this.

      Kind regards,


  • Mike
    July 13, 2013

    I have all your books and would to have you look over My huntings areas. Although your pricing I believe is very reasonable it simply is not in the budget.Instead would you and or your dad consider hunting public property if 80+% of the scouting work is done, you had a place to stay, and meals taken care of. I would forward maps and information of the properties before hand. You would need to purchase your licenses in advance of your arrival. Commute to either property would be about 15-20 minutes and acreage would total around 15,000+ -. The hunting area is Northeastern Pa. SGL 35 and 70. Thank you for the hard work, education of what the average hunter faces on the average property! Best regards Mike

  • Ron Ernsberger
    July 16, 2013

    I hunt big timber in northern Michigan, no food plots, no crop fields, just all of woods. Do your services cover this type of terrain? Thanks, Ron

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